Bali has experienced a steady increase in tourist numbers from 2 million foreign visitors in 2008 to 4 million in 2015, growing over 6% from 2014 to 2015. Domestic tourist numbers are also steadily increasing at around 11%, with 7.1 million domestic travellers visiting Bali in 2015.

Contradicting the increasing arrival figures, occupancy rates are dropping. This trend is predicted to continue with supply-growth at 23% and over-supply causing increasing competition in the market.

Tourism expenditure has also dropped from an average of USD 190 per day in 2014 to just USD 125 per day in 2015, declining approximately 30%.

The average length of stay for tourists has decreased 6% from 8.19 days in 2014 to 7.66 days in 2015.

The sum total of these statistics points to ever increasing competition for the tourist spend. Businesses are needing to find new and innovative ways to attract customers to their doors; and, competitive ways to keep them coming back.