With advertising space starting at just 500,000 Rp per year, the Bali Incentive Book provides your business with an affordable opportunity to reach many thousands of potential local and international customers from 01 December 2016 for a full 13 months to 31 December 2017.


The incentive you offer in your Bali Incentive Book listing is an invitation to potential customers to visit your business while they are in Bali. You then have the opportunity to showcase your products, services and overall quality, and convert them into loyal customers. Your existing customers will be delighted to see an incentive to visit a place they already love, which will increase your word of mouth referrals.


Businesses advertising in the Bali Incentive Book are not only offering discounts as an incentive to customers. Businesses are adding value to their customer’s purchase by offering a free item with any other two full priced items, for example.


Businesses all over Bali are advertising in the Bali Incentive Book; and, the book is being distributed all over Bali from those businesses and charitable organisations, as well as other retail outlets, taxi and transport services, and tourist information centres.


The Bali Incentive Book engages local people and local businesses to promote, print, distribute and sell the book. We support the growth of local businesses by promoting them   to new customers and expanding their markets. When you advertise in the Bali Incentive Book, you are looking after the local people of Bali.


Bali Incentive Book rewards loyalty. The advertisers who are with us the longest, are listed in the positions closest to the front of the book. That is, the order of the listings is decided by the order in which advertisers commit to their listing agreements.


The Bali Incentive Book has a fixed retail price of 250,000 Rp per copy. Advertisers and retailers can purchase the book at the wholesale price of 150,000 Rp each. You can be a retailer of the Bali Incentive Book with a minimum of 10 books purchased. Your profit is 100,000 Rp on every book you sell to your customers.

This strategy gives you the opportunity of recouping some or all of your advertising cost with every book you sell and, it goes a long way towards recouping any discounts you have offered.  If you are a registered yayasan / charity in Bali, this is an excellent way of generating income to boost your fundraising effort. If you would like to be a Bali Incentive Book seller, we can provide point of sale posters to promote the book to your customers.


Upon paying for your Bali Incentive Book listing, we will introduce your business to our Facebook and Instagram membership and inform them that you are next in the book. Look at Facebook and Instagram to see who is taking advantage of this opportunity.


Bali Incentive Book can boost your internet presence and your exposure to potential customers by sharing your special events and promotions through our social media. Advertisers can contact the Bali Incentive Book Team at any time to take advantage of this value-added service.


Your customers can post photographs and reviews, and tell others what a great time they had when they visited your business on the Bali Incentive Book Facebook page. Those posts get linked and tagged to friends and family all over the world.


Bali Incentive Book owners, whether they are tourists or expats, will share their experiences with their friends and will encourage them to buy a copy of the book so that they can enjoy the incentives for visiting your business as well.


Your Bali Incentive Book listing contains space for your customers to rate and record the quality of your products and services in the book. This is a valuable tool in generating repeat business and referrals.


There are five discount coupons on each page of the Bali Incentive Book. You can advertise on as many coupons as you choose. If your business has multiple facets, for example: accommodation, a day spa and a restaurant, you might want to offer a discount for each to entice customers to shop across your whole business. If you do not want any competition on your listing page, you can advertise on an entire double-sided page with five coupons.


The Bali Incentive Book is designed to give your business maximum exposure for a full year or more.  Unlike comparative coupon books from other countries, the Bali Incentive Book is still useful after the coupons have been redeemed.  Your full advertisement stays in the book, so that customers can use the book as a directory in the future.


The Bali Incentive Book graphic designer has created a style guide for graphic design purposes and for printing. There are two options:

  1.  You can use the style guide to submit your own artwork; or,
  2. We can prepare your artwork and obtain your approval before putting the Bali Incentive Book to print.


Please contact the Bali Incentive Book team and we will send a representative out to your business to discuss your promotion needs and to assist you to design your discount voucher(s) and advertising spaces.

In 2018, the Bali Incentive Book has space for 1,000 discount vouchers only. If you would like to promote your business in the book, BE QUICK. Places are selling fast.