Coupons are a highly effective sales tool for every type and size of business; and, are proven to be a way to attract a steady stream of new customers and to reward existing customers.

Coupons have gained remarkable acceptance and popularity, not only among consumers, but also among astute marketing managers globally. It is a well-researched fact that coupon use increases when the economy slows.

Coupons have the effect of expanding or increasing your market area. Consumers will travel far to redeem a valuable coupon.

Coupons will entice customers that have been shopping with your competitor to your business. Consumers will break routine shopping patterns to take advantage of a good coupon offer.

Coupons will re-activate old customers. Those customers that have been lured away by your competitor will start buying from you again when you give them a good incentive.

Coupon advertising provides the opportunity for additional profits through up-selling or through the sale of related items to the customer who entered your business with the coupon.

Coupons increase traffic to your business, which results in additional impulse purchases.

Coupons are measurable and accountable. Good practice is recording the number of coupons redeemed to judge the effectiveness of the offer.

Understand that the media delivering the coupon, the Bali Incentive Book, has very little to do with the response. We simply deliver your offer to expats and visitors to Bali. It is up to you to determine what offer produces the best response from your customers.

The Team at Bali Incentive Book can help you if you need some great incentive ideas.