Q:  When will the Bali Incentive Book be available?

A:  The very first Bali Incentive Book, the 2017 edition, was released to the public on 01 July 2017.  All subsequent editions are released on 01 December each year.

Q:  How many vouchers will be in the book?

A:  In the first edition of the Bali Incentive Book, we guaranteed a minimum of 200 vouchers.  The 2018 edition of the Bali Incentive Book contains 300 vouchers. This will increase to a maximum of 2,000 in coming editions.

Q:  I want to move my advertisement closer to the front of the book.  Can I do this?

A:  There are two ways you can move closer the front of your section:

  • An advertiser above you leaves the book and everyone moves forward, which is a reward for loyalty
  • You buy the section divider relevant to your business type to jump the queue.

Q:  We have our own design team.  We would like to design our own voucher.  Is this possible?

A:  Yes.  We have a style guide we can send you and / or your graphic designer.  Designers please note:  We are strict on our guidelines.

Q:  How much does it cost to design a voucher for my business?

A:  We do your design work completely free of charge.  However, if you change your mind on your design or ask for major edits, there is a small design fee applicable.

Q:  How much does it cost to get a video or pictures of our business on Instagram and Facebook like I have seen the Bali Incentive Book do for other customers?

A:  This service is completely free whether you buy a single voucher or a premium page in the Bali Incentive Book.  This is our “value add” to your business to give you exposure to our customers before the book goes to print.

Q:  You don’t have tens of thousands of followers on Instagram and Facebook.  Why is this?

A:  All of our followers are organic.  We don’t pay for followers and we don’t follow anyone else so that they follow us.  Watch this space though.  The moment the first edition of the Bali Incentive Book was released to the public, thousands of end users began following us to make sure they keep up with the latest news.

Q:  Can we use your Instagram and Facebook for future promotions?

A:  Yes.  We invite you to use our #baliincentivebook or @baliincentivebook tags when you post to your own business pages.  We thinking a post a week from each of our advertisers would be great for informing our customers / your new customers what your business is up to.  You can also ask your customers to tag us in their posts about your business to ever expand your reach.

Q:  Is it true that there is an introductory offer for joining the Bali Incentive Book in 2019?

A:  Yes.  There is an awesome introductory offer for joining Bali Incentive Book.  If you advertise in our 2019 edition, we will promote you in the next print run of the 2018 edition for free.

Q:  What if, after the 2018 Bali Incentive Book comes out, I want to change my artwork or change my incentive for the 2019 book.  How much will this cost?

A:  This will be free of charge.  However, the onus is on you to email us the changes you want.

Q:  Can my business sell the Bali Incentive Books?

A:  Yes.  If you buy ten books at a time, you will get the 10 books for 1.5 million rupiah.  This gives you a huge profit margin of 1 million rupiah on selling all of the books.  We have deliberately provided a healthy profit margin on our book to entice people / businesses to sell the book.  If you want to sell even more books, you could offer your staff half of the profit from each sale as a bonus.  That is 50,000Rp per book, which is a great incentive for any staff member to help promote your business in our book.

Q:  Can I sell the Bali Incentive Book and not be an advertiser in the book?

A:  Yes.  We welcome new Bali Incentive Book distributors.  You will need to buy ten (10) books at a time to get the distributor discount.

Q:  I’m on the other side of the island.  How can I get copies of my Bali Incentive Book here and who pays for the delivery cost?

A:  We pay for delivery of all Bali Incentive Books to distributors in Bali.  We will find a way to get them to you- usually via Gojek.

Q:  Is the Bali Incentive Book being sold outside of Bali?

A:  Yes.  We already have distribution in Australia. And, we are talking with the bookshops at all international airports that have direct flights to Bali.  We are also looking into exhibiting at holiday trade shows in the future too.

Q:  Didn’t this business used to be called the Bali Entertainment Book?  Why did you change the name?

A:  Glad you asked.  We were originally called the Bali Entertainment Book.  However, not all of our advertisers are in the “entertainment” industry.  In fact, only a very small portion technically entertain.  We responded to an overwhelming call to change to a more appropriate name.  We changed our name to Bali Incentive Book.

Q:  We love the advertising rates and we want to advertise in your book, but we don’t want to offer an incentive.  Can we do that?

A:  No. This would damage the integrity of the Bali Incentive Book.  We are not an advertising magazine.  We only offer incentives to our end users.

Q:  We want to buy many of your premium spaces so that we can on-sell the spaces.  We think we can get a lot more than you are asking for the spaces. Can I buy all of your remaining spaces?  I have friends that will buy these for more.

A:  No.  You would be surprised how many times we have been asked this questions.  We are not about making lots of money here.  We offer a great product at a great price.  Sorry.  Maybe do your friends a favour by sending them our way.  We promise to look after them.

Q:  Can I please have a discount on my advertising in the Bali Incentive Book?

A:  Sorry.  Bali Incentive Book has very inexpensive set prices.  Feel free to contact any of our advertisers featured on Instagram or Facebook and ask them about our pricing structures.  We don’t discount.  However, we do add value, just like our advertisers do for our customers.  Every premium space sold comes with a free incentive voucher in the respective section.  Every incentive voucher gets a free video or series of photographs for use on our Instagram and Facebook, which we then email to you to share and use wherever you like.

Q:  I have heard that charities can advertise for free in the book.  Can I recommend our favourite charity?

A:  Yes, by all means.  We will meet with them and see how we can best support them.

Q: I live in Bali. Can I use the Bali Incentive Book?

A: Yes, absolutely. You will save millions of rupiah by frequenting other advertisers in the Bali Incentive Book and redeeming your vouchers throughout the year.