Q:  When will the Bali Incentive Book be available?

A:  The 2017 edition will be released to the public on 01 July 2017.  All future editions will be released on 01 December each year.

Q:  How many vouchers will be in the book?

A:  In the first year, we guarantee a minimum of 200 vouchers.  This will increase to a maximum of 2,000 in coming editions.

Q:  Why only 2,000, we want more than that?

A:  The book will become to heavy and no one will want to carry it around.  So, we feel 2,000 vouchers is about our maximum.

Q:  Will you be making an App in the future?

A:  Yes.  However, our app show your location in Bali and the places around you that feature in the Bali Incentive Book.  The app will never replace the book.

Q:  How much does the Bali Incentive Book cost?

A:  250,000Rp (approximately USD18.00 or AUD25.00)

Q:  Where can I buy the book?

A:  We have five strategic places where you can buy the Bali Incentive Book:

  • Just about every business featured in the Bali Incentive Book will sell the book
  • This website – you can order the Bali Incentive Book directly through our online form (below) and we will have it delivered to your hotel, waiting for you when you arrive
  • Tourist information services and booths all over Bali will be happy to sell you a Bali Incentive Book
  • Street hawkers – people selling random things on the streets and on the beaches – love selling the Bali Incentive Book
  • Taxi drivers carry the Bali Incentive Book in their vehicles, ready for sale

Q:  This is Bali, everyone gets a discount.  What is the cheapest I can buy the book for?

A:  250,000Rp, unless you buy ten (10) copies. Ten books will cost you 1.5 million rupiah in total.  Being classed as a “distributor” is the only way to get a discount on the purchase of a Bali Incentive Book.

Q:  I’ll be in Bali in a few days.  Can I get a copy of the Bali Incentive Book sent to my hotel room?

A:  Yes, as soon as the book is published.  We can send books all over the island with no delivery fee.

Q:  Can I get a copy of the Bali Incentive Book before I arrive in Bali?

A:  Not yet.  However, we are working on that.  We are talking with the bookshops at all international airports that have direct flights to Bali.

Q:  Does the Bali Incentive Book have a Gold Card section as well?

A:  No.  This does not work in Bali.  Many Balinese businesses are not ready at point of sale to process rewards cards.

Q:  I heard there was a Bali Entertainment Book as well, can you tell me what happened?

A:  Sure.  We were originally called the Bali Entertainment Book.  However, not all of our advertisers are in the “entertainment” industry.  In fact, only a very small portion technically entertain.  We responded to an overwhelming call to change to a more appropriate name.  We changed our name to Bali Incentive Book.

Q:  Why are there charities listed in the Bali Incentive Book?

A:  As you know, charities put all of their resources (money, time, people) into their respective causes.  The Bali Incentive Book has offered up to 200 spaces for businesses that are doing good in the world.  Not all are technically “charities.”  For example, one business that will be listed in the Yayasan / Charitable Services section gives a free school uniform to a school girl, so that she is allowed to attend school, every time a customer purchases two t-shirts from them.  We give away these advertising spaces free so that you get to know about the charities; and, so that you have the opportunity to support them or help them out in some way.