The Bali Incentive Book does a lot more than offer visitors and expats in Bali a way to save money on entertainment; accommodation; retail shopping; spas and salons; transportation and tours; restaurants and food outlets; and, a range of services.  It serves as an excellent business directory and provides an opportunity for you to record the places that you have loved so that you can visit again next time you are in Bali.

The Bali Incentive Book offers great ideas about what’s on; where to go; and, what to see as well as great incentives to try new places that might be outside of your usual travel path.

The Bali Incentive Book retails for 250,000 Rp (approximately AUD25 / USD19).  The 200+ vouchers inside the book are valid to 31 December 2017.  If you can’t spend all of the vouchers yourself, share them with friends and family who would like to take advantage of the great deals inside.

The Bali Incentive Book is not only for tourists visiting Bali.  It can be used all year round by expatriates living in Bali who would like great pricing every day; and, local Indonesian residents who would like to take advantage of the Bali Incentive Book’s discount vouchers.

When you buy a Bali Incentive Book, you are helping local people and local businesses right here in Bali. You are creating jobs, not only for the vendors you visit, but in their supporting businesses and supply chains, such as vegetable and livestock farming, education and training, commercial laundries, printing services, transportation, website development, engineering and maintenance, and many more.

If you know a Balinese business that would like to advertise in the 2018 Bali Incentive Book, please invite them to contact us or provide us with their details via the email form below.  A company representative will visit them at their business to discuss their marketing needs.

All Bali Incentive Book advertisers are promoted through our Facebook and Instagram sites.

Customers taking advantage of the Bali Incentive Book are also invited to share their experiences on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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