Bali Incentive Book
is one of the many products
created by Western Influences.



Western Influences International is a consulting company focused on developing economic and social opportunity for the Indonesian people.  It is a link between the Western world and the Indonesian people and culture.

Western Influences was established to bring the expertise of Directors / Senior Consultants, Russ Tuff and Tracy Wilkinson, to Indonesian business owners looking for an edge over their competition.


PT Western Influences International
License Number:  316/1/IP/PMA/2017

Western Influences International is classified under the Klasifikasi Baku Lapangan Usaha Indonesia (KBLI) / Indonesia Standard Industrial Classification for economic activities as:

Kategori M:  Aktivitas Profesional, Ilmiah Dan Teknis
(Category M: Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities )

70: Aktivitas Kantor Pusat Dan Konsultasi Manajemen
(70: Office and Management Consulting Activities)

70209: Aktivitas Konsultasi Manajemen Lainnya
(70209: Other Management Consultancy Activities)


Western Influences has seven business units that define the company’s business activities:

  • Business Development & Management
  • Community Development
  • Education, Training & Coaching
  • Import / Export
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Project Management
  • Workplace Health & Safety


The Bali Incentive Book is a Western Influences International response to a gap in the Balinese advertising market, which was identified as an opportunity to expand the reach of locally owned Indonesian businesses that primarily service the foreign visitor market.

Advertising in Bali is relatively expensive and quite often out of the financial reach of small businesses.  The wealth gap between foreign owned businesses and Indonesian owned businesses is tangible, with the injection of foreign currency providing resources and competitive advantage that are not readily available to Indonesian business owners.  Western Influences is committed to bridging some of this wealth gap by providing an advertising tool that is affordable for all small businesses and reaches the target market most likely to spend in those businesses.

The Bali Incentive Book will advertise over 150 businesses in at least 200 discount vouchers in 2017 and 800 businesses in 1,000 discount vouchers in 2018.  Many of these businesses are advertising for the first time.


We understand that trust is an important factor when choosing a consulting company to partner you in developing your business strategy; with managing your projects; in marketing your products and services; and, ensuring your staff and customers are kept safe at all times.

We understand, because we’ve been there ourselves.

Contact Western Influences International today and we will arrange a time to meet and discuss your business needs.