The Bali Incentive Book is being printed by a reputable Balinese company with vast experience in printing high quality magazines and newspapers.

All artwork is being designed and / or proofed by our in-house graphic designer using a carefully planned style guide, which professionally showcases each advertiser’s business.

The front and back covers of the Bali Incentive Book will be laminated 300gsm stock, which is very durable and will ensure the book can be used for its full 13 months of validity.

The finished product will consist of 200 double-sided 70gsm pages of five coupons each; divided by section headers in 150gsm for ease of use and service location; and, with an introduction that includes copyright information, terms and conditions, legend and instructions for use of the coupons.

The Bali Incentive Book is designed to use the advertiser’s logo to build business identity and awareness in the marketplace, enhance business image, lend credibility to the advertisers’ offers, and improve customer response.

The 2017 Bali Incentive Book contains 200+ discount coupons / vouchers across ten business categories.  The 2018 Bali Incentive Book will contain 1,000 discount coupons / vouchers for five times the savings and five times the fun.